by Nimesha Ranasinghe

Date: 29-06-2011 to 01-07-2011

Venue: SKT Tower, art center nabi, South Korea

Theme: Invited exhibitor (Poetry Mix-up) at art center nabi, South Korea

Poetry Mix-up is a novel poetry remixing platform, which encourages users to experience the creation of a 'remixed' variety of poetry by sending a short message. The system is invited to exhibit at COMO, the urban screen of SKT tower for one month by the art center nabi, Korea. The exhibition is taking place from 1st of July 2011 to 31st July 2011 at SKT tower, jung-gu, Seoul, korea. There were four different screens to set up the system. Three screens in SKT tower and one remote screen at SKT Daejeon. Since they support four different resolutions, we had to setup four instances of the system.

For the exhibition, we have implemented several new features. First, we enhanced the system to support both email and twitter options. Now the system receives twitter messages (twitter mentions: @poetrymixup) and email messages ( thus to produce poems. Second, we implemented the Korean language support. Hence, the system supports both English and Korean languages now. Third, we developed four new visuals/themes for the exhibition.

Furthermore, we had to put more effort to adjust our displays accordingly since some of their displays are not in standard sizes. We also had several problems with Google Translate API (to translate the Korean message into English) and Twitter API rate limiting. Especially, since we were running 4 instances of Poetry Mix-up we had to optimize the system to use the Twitter REST API to extract new messages. The messages are extracted as twitter mentions from the @poetrymixup account. Finally, each system is connecting to API every one minute to extract all the new messages and display them in the order of older to newer.

Attached pictures show different displays at SKT tower, Seoul, Korea displaying the output of our system. On 1st of July, we successfully finished the setup, debugging, and testing and opened for the general public. Finally, it was a great success because of the team effort and we did finish all the requirements within two weeks.

Event details,

Venue: COMO (SKT-tower)

Time: 8:30a.m~7:00p.m, closed on weekends and national holidays

Entrance: Free

Organized by Art Center Nabi, SKTelecom

Artist: Adrian David Cheok, Owen Noel Newton Fernando, Nimesha Ranasinghe, Zhu Kening, Akki Reddy Challa, Yongsoon Choi

Curator Art Center Nabi Creative Team

Coordinator: Hyunjung Woo

Video Editing: Hyojun Park

Video Screening: Youngho Lee


More information, photos, and video: