Report for NEC R&D Osaka Japan, by Xavier RomanEdit

Purpose: Demo and presentation of Kitchen Media project

Dates: 05/03/2011 – 12/03/2011

Location : NEC - R&D Center in Nara, Japan

After joining to this lab four months ago, this visit to NEC R&D Center in Japan was my first trip as Cute Center member and also my first time en Japan.
The purpose of the visit was to show the progress regarding kitchen media project to NEC members through a co-dinning system set up and a presentation.
As other lab's member have talked in their reports, the beginning was a few complicated due to delays in the delivery process and other issues with the internal NEC network.
Fortunately a few hours later we received all the packages and we could start to set up the system and fix some problems in the modules due to the transportation from Singapore to Japan.
Kitchen media demo1

The next two days we were working very hard to set up the whole system and we were able to finish it a few hours before the presentation.
The presentation was held in NEC center's meeting room with all NEC members attending, after that we moved to the demo area to see the complete system working. From my point of my view both part were a success and NEC's members seemed satisfied with the idea and the system perfomance.

The day after the presentation we went back to the lab to package all the tools and also to explain with more details to NEC's members how the system works and how they can create a demo for themselfs.
Finally we came back to Singapore with the feeling we had achieved the goal for this year but also thinking about how we can improved the system in further versions.