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From 21thMarch2011 to 23th, IEEE-VR 2011 conference convened at the SUNTEC in Singapore.

This conference is major conference at a traditional virtual reality research and good place to experience the latest rearch demonstration.

In this year, there are nine demo booth at this conference.

The most interesting demo is "Altered reality: augmenting and diminishing reality in real time", Cristian W at.el. Informatics Institute –Federal University of Goiás, Brazil.

This demo show the deformation of cube with AR marker on the surface. User use Video see through HMD and grab the cube by hand. The cube is just a solid cube but the image is changing between sphere and cube.

In this setup, he feel cube is changing the shape, but the feeling from fingure is not changing.

My impression is 'strange, creepy'. It is interesting experience for me.

And ISVRI(1st International Simposium on Virtual Reality Innovation) and 3DUI2011(IEEE Simposium on 3D User Interface 2011) conference also convented at 19thMarch and 20thMarch.

This is 1st conference of Virtual reality focusing to innovation and industry in Asia.
There are six organized session from Japan, China, Korea and other asia area.

Thanks to many student volunteers, conference was closed with success.