CUTE Center Demo

IEEE Virtual Reality is one of the most prestigious international conferences and exhibitions on virtual reality. IEEE Virtual Reality 2011 (VR2011) will held on 19 – 23 March 2011 (19 –20 for symposiums/workshops/tutorials, 21 – 23 for main conference) at SUNTEC Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center, Singapore. I involved this conference as a member of program committee. I was a publicity chare for both IEEE VR 2011 and ISVRI 2011. We had around 500 participants so our effort was really successful.

As a local organizing committee member, I had to help other local organizing committee members to run the conference smoothly. There were several things to be done by local organizing committee so we were so busy with not only conference arrangements but also with other arrangements such as technical tour, banquet, etc. I was one of the key members of the technical tour which we arranged in CUTE center. Around 100 people from main conference attended CUTE center demo. We were able to obtain very valuable comments from conference attendees which helps us to think our research more deeply bring up to the world standard.

There were several interesting sessions as well as Demos. HMD company, Sensics, Inc. introduced their latest HMD which is better than what we bought from the last year. However, they are happy to replace what we have with new HMD. This could help our AR project in the future. Eon Reality also had a very nice demo which is quite impressive. They created Mixed Reality game with physical activity which provide a framework for several other games including educational games. There were several interesting papers which talk about tracking but none of them provide much insight about natural feature tracking. They had very narrow focus, for instance, best algorithm for Conner detection or edge detection but not large scale tracking such as indoor or outdoor tracking. There were couple of interesting Keynotes as well. JST events brings several famous Japanese professors, including Prof. Tachi, Prof. Inami, Prof. Kawagushi, etc. Prof. Kawagushi’s soft robots are interesting. His vision is about future soft robots is really fascinating. IEEE VR 2011 was really successful which is mainly due to the hard work done by local organizing committee. We expect around 250-300 but we managed bring around 500 people.